domingo, 28 de julho de 2013


Fui taggada no Tumblr

These were the questions;

1) biggest “what if"?
 Things could be different

2) do you smile at strangers?
Yep, definitely if they smile first

3) Who is your celebrity crush?
I have so many...Ian Somerhalder, 

4) do you have any nicknames?
Oh wow, more than I can count!  

5) First 5 songs that come up on your itunes when shuffled?
Sex on fire - Kings of Leon
While my guitar gently weeps - George Harrisson
Anastacia - Slash
Queen- Love of my live
Bon Jovi - All about loving you
Adele - One and only

6)Do you have any tatoos?
Yes. Four!

7) what’s your current desktop picture?
 Muhammed Ali

8) do you have any phobias?
 Gross bugs

9) Fav boyband-singer ?
 The Beatles as a boyband (they’re all boys..) George Harrisson 

10) Your phone  ringtone ?
Pulp Fiction Theme/ Use Somebody- Kings of Leon 

11) have you ever went to a concert ?

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